...Breaking with Tradition...
A School-Wide Work Readiness Initiative. Preschool - 8th Grade.
Experience learning from the perspective of an employee, employer, entrepreneur
The Mission of Young Scholars Academy is to provide high quality, family-centered early care, education and work readiness opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes student success.

Young Scholars School Core Beliefs:
  • We will listen attentively for directions and follow them the first time
  • We will respect self, others, and their belongings
  • We will remember safety above all else
  • We will be team-players
  • We will be courteous
  • We will be honest
  • We will be orderly
  • We will be compassionate
  • We will be responsible
  • We will practice healthful living

Young Scholars Mascot: Owl
Young Scholars Symbol: Scholar Hat
Young Scholars Motto: We Care!
Young Scholars School Colors: Primary colors

Research on brain development suggests that every one who cares for and assists in the development of young children i.e - parents, family, friends, early childhood educators and mentors, shape their way for learning, thinking, and behaving for the rest of their lives.
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