...Breaking with Tradition...
A School-Wide Work Readiness Initiative. Preschool - 8th Grade.
Experience learning from the perspective of an employee, employer, entrepreneur

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Empowering families through family-centered programs.

Knowing the importance of a positive family-centered environment, Young Scholars Academy philosophy is grounded in this belief. We provide opportunities for social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in a family-centered setting.

Our curriculum is designed to stimulate growth of the whole child through a balance of guided and self-directed activities. Each child is given the opportunity for individual development and exploration through an environment that is creative,stimulating and nurturing.

Young Scholars Academy offers opportunities for each child to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially while becoming aware of their surroundings and abilities. This is accomplished through carefully planned activities, which stimulate the child’s natural curiosity and aids each child in the development of an excellent foundation for creative learning. Each age group, from infants to eighth grade, youth participate in family-centered activities.

Young Scholars Academy creates an environment that fosters the development of the whole child.
Children develop in the areas of trust, self-confidence, curiosity, sensory-motor skills, social-emotional skills, initiative and persistence, language, problem-solving, creativity and imagination, reasoning, and critical thinking.
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