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  • View the HISD Parent Involvement Policy
  • For information about lunches visit – Meals Information
  • For more information about PTO and field lessons PTO and Field Lessons
  • For students needing to take laptops home – Purchase Laptop Insurance here.

    Before being allowed to go on any field trip, parents/guardians will need to download, fill out and turn in the following forms Volunteer Application Form and HISD Network Security Form

    We encourage parents to participate in their students educational growth. Opportunities for involvement include:

    • Ensuring that your child arrives to school on time
    • Supporting school rules; encouraging your child to "follow directions the first time" especially, at home
    • Reading to your child daily
    • Staying abreast of school events, classroom projects
    • Parent Participation
    • Showing interest in your child's activities and carrying on related activities/conversation at home.
    • Attending special family-centered events (parties, field lessons, programs, etc)
    • Helping with fundraisers
    • Sharing customs, hobbies, and careers with the children at the center/school
    • Helping your child with homework
    • Ensuring that your child helps with responsibilities at home
    • VIPS (Volunteers In Public School)

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